One of the fabulous things about living in Tuolumne County is the families and connections that are made over the generations. As a teen I had the privilege of working with Zach's Uncle and extended family, I even knew his Mom back as a teenager! So, getting to know Zach and having him on my model team has been a privilege. Zach is one of those guys that is an all around great guy. Super involved on the Summerville Campus he's a leader in his senior class. When he decided he wanted a casual outdoor-woodsy setting for his senior shoot I was game. A simple camp site in the high country was perfect to capture who he is and where he likes to chill out.

Thank you Zach for being a member of the model team. The year is still young so many more opportunities are ahead. I look forward to a fabulous year!
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I love my studio model team! Each year I search for exceptional high school seniors to represent my business and I love working with teens to create fabulous photo shoots that bring their personality in front of my camera. Danika's enthusiasm and love for being in front of the camera makes my job so much fun. She's a fabulous athlete and leader in her school. An all around beautiful person inside and out! When she asked if she could have her PT Cruiser as part of her senior model shoot my response was of course "Um YEAH!". It made the perfect prop and you can truly tell how much Danika loves her car!

Danika, I know you're senior year is going to be fabulous! Thank you for choosing to be a member of my studio model team. We have lots of fun adventures still ahead!
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Hailey brought her fabulous sense of style and fun personality to her senior photo shoot! She chose Pinecrest Lake, California as her location and took advantage of the gorgeous water's edge and wooded grove to create 2 completely different looks. I love the variety of images we were able to capture of her. Hailey's senior photo shoot hair and makeup was by Jessica Alger. 

Thank you Hailey for choosing Jennifer Rapoza Photography for your Summerville High School Class of 2017 senior portraits! It's an honor photographing you!

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It's Disneyland Grad Night this week! Congratulations to all the Class of 2016 Seniors that are making their way to Disneyland this week! I've interviewed two Disneyland pros aka Annual Pass Holders and asked them to give me their best Disneyland survival tips. These are guaranteed to make your night a memorable one!
From Alison - Don't be afraid to talk to the Cast Members. They're there to help and most of them will love talking to and helping you. You'd be surprised at what you can learn by just talking to them for 5 minutes. Maybe even ask them "What's the best Disney tip they can give you." 
Bring a portable phone charger, or 3. lol You can pick them up at Walmart for around $10.00. Make sure your phone is on "low battery mode" for the day and put it on airplane mode when you can. 

From Liz - Eat early. Most of the restaurants will close early on Grad Night. Best spots to eat; Bangel Bar-B-Q for skewers and their popular drink "Pomegranite Pirana Lemonade". Harbor Galley; the best sourdough bread soup bowls and don't miss the Pizza Port for great pizza and salads at a good price. They also have the cutest Star Wars BB8 cups! Of course don't leave the park without getting your Dole Whip. 
Be sure that you also bring in snacks. Once those restaurants close you're likely to be stuck until leaving the park so make sure you've got some fuel. You can also bring in a water bottle (make sure it's not glass) and fill it up from drinking fountains. 

As for getting on lots of rides that night; the best advice is to give one person in your group your park ticket so they can go get Fast Passes while the rest of you are waiting in line. If you can only do one big ride the one NOT TO MISS is Space Mountain! 

Most of all...Have A Great Night!
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I love Sydney's style and elegance! What a beauty! Sydney is headed to fulfill her passion and dreams at UC Irvine in a few weeks. Good luck in everything you do Sydney! We'll be watching for your name in lights!

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