When Megan applied for a position on the 2020 model team last spring I knew I had a kindred spirit in her! Her application which contained "get to know you" questions was literally a novel when she turned it in! Here was an intellegent, kind and very thoughtful, involved in her community young woman! And honestly I couldn't wait to meet her! 

As with all my models I truly enjoyed getting to travel with and get to know Megan and her sweet Mom Melissa! Her senior shoot was another that wasn't without challenges to get done as she's very involved with sports and school activities and the weather was of course a factor! Megan was insistant that there be spring flowers in her photos and mother nature didn't disappoint as we got lucky to have the almond orchards in the valley blooming the week we chose for her SF shoot. It was a beautiful blessing for sure. Her hair and makeup is by Kelsey Lane. 

Here's the story of Megan's senior model shoot experience and how she's feeling about the world today. 

Jenn: Megan what location did you chose and why?

Megan: The majority of my shoot was in SF, more specifically, The Botanical Gardens, Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach and then of course the orchards we found on our way to SF. I chose SF because I wanted a lot of variety in my photos. 

Jenn: Where did you purchase your outfits for the shoot?

Megan: Most of the clothes I wore were already in my wardrobe. My blue prom dress was from Amazon, the white dress I wore on the beach was from Ross.

Jenn: What is your favorite memory of your shoot day?

Megan: There were so many! From the unplanned shoot in the orchard, to taking photos with strangers from India at the Palace of Fine Arts and everything in between. It was a very eventful day! 

Jenn: What advice would you give to the class of 2021?

Megan: Live every moment! Everyone says it goes by fast and it does! But TRUST ME, it will be gone before you know it.

Jenn: Thinking back on your senior year before COVID19 hit, what is your favorite memory of the year?

Megan: From the moment my water polo team won our section championship game to the state championships. This period was a ride! Every early morning practice, every sore muscle, every weekend tournament, and every ounce of hard work, it all paid off! 

Jenn: At this moment in time what are you most grateful for?

Megan: My team. Everyone says that their team becomes their family but I've never felt that amount of love and support for and from any group of people. It was the most intense rush of adrenaline and pure joy that I've ever felt. 

Jenn: What are you currently watching to occupy your time? 

Megan: I'm really not a TV or movie person. I've had a lot more time to get some home workouts in and some intense rounds of cards. :) 

Jenn: When this pandemic is over and we are "released" to return into the world, what's the first thing you are going to do?

Megan: See my friends! If I knew that Friday would be the last time I'd see my little "family" I would have hugged them all a little tighter. 








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